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Pentecostal churches in Latin America


Anglican buildings and structures by continent


Buildings and structures of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Europe


Christian buildings and structures in the Republic of Ireland


Christian buildings and structures in Romania


Roman Catholic clergy in Europe


Roman Catholic clergy in North America


Roman Catholic clergy in Oceania


Roman Catholic clergy in South America


Largest cities of Africa templates


Algeria city templates


Chad city templates


Morocco city templates


South Africa city templates


Asaka, Uzbekistan

Asaka is a city and the administrative center of Asaka district in Eastern Uzbekistan, located in the South-Eastern edge of the Ferghana valley near the border with Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistans. Asaka underwent rapid industrialization during the Soviet ...



Bieruń is a town in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan. It is located on the North Bank of the Amu Darya river, near the border with Turkmenistan Uzbekistans. The city is the seat of the Beruni district. Historically, Biruni was known as the cat and serv ...


Chust, Uzbekistan

Chust is a city in Eastern Uzbekistan. It is the administrative centre of the Chust district. The city of Chust is located in the Northern corner of the Fergana valley along the river Chustsoy. Chust is one of the oldest cities in the Fergana val ...






Largest cities of Asia templates


Armenia city templates


Azerbaijan city templates


Bahrain city templates


Peoples Republic of China city templates


Hong Kong templates


Japan city templates


Malaysia city templates


Pakistan city templates


Philippines city templates


Russia city templates


Sri Lanka city templates


Turkey city templates


United Arab Emirates city templates


European city infobox templates


Largest cities of Europe templates


Amsterdam templates


Austria city templates


Bosnia and Herzegovina city templates


Bulgaria city templates


Croatia city templates


Denmark city templates


England city templates


France city templates


Germany city templates


North Macedonia city templates


Poland city templates


Romania city templates


Scotland city templates


Serbia city templates


Sweden city templates

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