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★ National Premier Leagues Victoria Women

The national Premier League Victoria women, commonly known as the NPL Victoria womens or NPLV women is a semi-professional womens Association football League in Victoria, Australia. This is the highest League for women in Victoria, and was part of the structure of the national Premier womens League, and is operated by football Victoria. Before the introduction of the NPL in Victoria in 2016, the League was known as the womens Victorian Premier League.

Participate in the League ten clubs play in the 27th round of the season, with another season from February to September. A finals series will unfold between the four top clubs, with the top two play against the third and fourth in the semifinals, and the winners contesting the final. No promotion and relegation from WNPL.


1. WNPL year 2016–present. (WNPL 2016–настоящее время года)

The initial members of the WNPL was Alamein, Bayside United, Bulleen lions box hill United, Calder organization, Heidelberg organizations, Geelong organization Galaxy, a senior NTC and the southern States. Next season, South Melbourne were admitted to the League, who went on to victory in the first series Finale, 5-4 on penalties against Geelong Galaxy organization. South Melbourne again made the finals the following season, after losing 3-1 in the Bulleen lions. Despite not being crowned Champions, South Melbourne has been successful in the regular season, which was crowned the premiere of the 2018 season. It was a feat achieved by the club in their first season in the new League. Calder organization was crowned the Grand Final Champions for the second time defeating Bulleen Lions 1-0. This was after Calder were crowned League Champions before the series finale.

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