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★ Womens Premiership (Northern Ireland)

Womens Premiership is the top level womens football League Northern Ireland. The League was called division NIWFA League 1 until 2003 and the Premier League until 2015. In 2016, it was renamed the womens Premier League and football League or after.

Eight teams played in two round Robin crown champion, who has the right to a place in the UEFA Champions League for women. Eighth place gets busted by the championship women 1, seventh place plays a two-legged relegation play-off against championship finalist women.


1. History. (История)

In the womens football first championship was played in 1977. Organized by the Northern Ireland womens football Association NIWFA League was simply called the Department NIWFA League 1.

In 2004, the division 1 was replaced by the womens Premier League.

In 2016, after 40 years of administration and development of locally womens football League was renamed the womens Premier League and currently, the Northern Ireland football League. The main sponsor and name giver of Danske Bank.

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