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List of FIA events

This motor racing events are managed and regulated by the Federation Internationale de lAutomobile, international governing body of Motorsport. FIA launches these events determines the rules and awards Championships or cups the competitors by working with other promoters and event organizers that organize commercial events. Other racing series are not directly monitored by the FIA, although the Federation is the primary regulator for the majority of international Motorsport, and reglamentary many other series. FIAS top car racing, known as the world championship is positioned as the most prestigious titles in their fields, with the Formula one is the pinnacle of world Motorsport. Four events sanctioned as world Championships: FIA Formula One World championship, the world rally championship FIA world Cup for cross-country rally FIA and FIA world endurance championship. The fifth event, the world touring car championship was discontinued at the end of 2017 and replaced in the world championship Touring car championship, which has the status of a world Cup. FIA Formula E will become a fully accredited world championship at the beginning of the seventh season


Class 1 Touring Cars

Class 1 touring cars was based on body production racing cars categories are represented in the FIA in 1993 along with class 2 racing cars, the latter officially becoming known as Super Touring cars from 1995. Class 1 allowed a more liberal modifications vehicles than allowed for class 2 cars. Rules of class 1 engines restricted to a maximum of six cylinders, 2.5 litres and four valves per cylinder. The main unit must be derived from the production engine number, same manufacturer as the car, although not necessarily from the same model, and that as rushed and may be significantly modified. All wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes and electronically controlled differentials were permitted. Aerodynamic AIDS were free below the wheel axis and, from 1995, suspension systems could be purpose built, and not on the basis of production. Class 1 touring cars contested the German Tourenwagen Meisterschaft series from 1993 to 1995, the International touring car series in 1995 and on the international touring car championship in 1996. Only three manufacturers, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz and Opel, competed in class 1 during the short history of the category and the withdrawal of Alfa Romeo and Opel from the International touring car championship at the end of 1996 effectively spelt the end of the class.


Diesel 2000

Diesel 2000 is for circuit racing FIA classification modified production based on cars using turbodiesel engines. Like its counterpart, super 2000, the category is open to full-scale production cars modified set. Cars must have at least four seats and at least 2500 fully identical units must be produced within 12 consecutive months to allow homologation. However, in contrast to the super 2000, Diesel 2000 allows only 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum capacity of 2000cc. The category was introduced in the European championship on body for 2004 to allow turbo cars to compete alongside the existing gasoline engine super 2000 cars. When the European championship was transformed into the championship of the world Touring in 2005, diesel 2000 and Super 2000 cars were eligible to compete for the new title. Spanish manufacturer Seat won the manufacturers world championship in 2008 and 2009, with their Diesel 2000 model Leon TDI. Factory seat driver Yvan Muller and Gabriele Tarquini won the drivers titles with the same model in these two years respectively.


European Rally Trophy

FIA European rally Trophy, GER European rally competition. The ERT consists of participants from seven regions of the Alpine rally Trophy, the Balkan rally Trophy, Baltic rally Trophy rally trophy Benelux, the Celtic rally Trophy, rally Central and the Pyrenees Trophy rally Trophy. The top five athletes in each class of the seven regions can take part in the European rally Trophy final.


European Sportscar Championship

The championship car was a name used by several sports car racing Championships in Europe. Originally created in 1970 by the International Federation du sport automobile as the European 2-litre sports car championship makes, the series increased in popularity and eventually became part of the world athletic championship in 1976 the car even after a season troubled 1975. Only two years later, as interest in sports-prototypes faded, the championship was demoted to the status of the world Cup and a European championship returned once more, only to be cancelled after its sole 1978 season. The European championship among sports cars was established in 1983, now called the European championship of endurance, and has combined several events from the world championship on races on endurance with other European tours. This concept, however, did not continue the following year. In 2001, the European championship of endurance was revived by IMSA for one season in the European series of Le Mans in 2004, she was reborn woke up endurance series Le Mans.


European Truck Racing Championship

The European championship FIA European truck racing is a Motorsport racing series for tractors truck, which is sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de lAutomobile and organizes the promotion of ETR GmbH.


FIA Hall of Fame

The FIA Hall of Fame honours racing drivers, technicians and engineers. It was established by Federation Internationale de lAutomobile in 2017. The first inductees were the 33 Formula One world champions, followed by the 17 World Rally champions and the 28 World Endurance champions in 2019.

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