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★ List of FIFA Confederations Cup red cards - Wiki ..


★ List of FIFA Confederations Cup red cards

This is a list of all red cards shown during FIFA confederations Cup, i.e., instances when a player was eliminated from game in the soccer Confederations Cup final match. As FIFA is the governing body of football, official red cards are only noted when FIFA recognised that a player was expelled or sent to match.

The first player dismissed in the FIFA Confederations Cup Brian Quinn of the USA, playing against Saudi Arabia in 1992, the Cup of King Fahd, the last one was the Gerard Pique Spain playing against Brazil in the Confederations Cup.


1. Noticeable red cards FIFA Confederations Cup. (Заметно Кубок красных карточек Конфедераций)

  • Brian Quinn became the first player to be sent in the match of the Confederations Cup, playing for the USA on October 15, 1992 against Saudi Arabia.
  • Aussie mark Viduka got a quick red card, when he was sent off in the 24th minute in 1997.
  • Two countries top the list of most red cards for the team with Egypt and the United States, having five players dismissed.
  • Most of the tournament with 1999 red cards, with six red cards.
  • Four players have been sent off in the final. The Mendoza Jose Chamot was the first in 1995, Australian Viduka in 1997, Brazil joão Carlos in 1999 and Spain Gerard Pique in 2013.
  • Most of the players in one game-three. Three players were sent to Egypt in a 5-1 loss against Saudi Arabia on July 29, 1999.

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