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Scottish womens football League is a womens Association football League in Scotland. Formed in 1999 as the countrys leading womens football League, it now comprises the third and fourth tier of the Scottish League system, after separation from its highest division, to create the Scottish womens Premier League in 1999 and the subsequent expansion of the Premier two divisions. The League owns and operates the Scottish womens football, affiliated body of the Scottish football Association.

In SWFL operated in its current format, starting in 2015. Top tier, first division or SWFL 1, is divided into two principle regional leagues North and South, while the lower tier, the Second division or SWFL 2, has three regionalised leagues of the Western, Central and Eastern.


1. History. (История)

Scottish womens football League was formed in 1999. At that time it was the highest level League for women in Scotland. In 2002 SWFLs twelve-team top division broke away to form the Scottish womens Premier League, and the remaining thirty clubs in SWFL. In 2016, the Prime Minister expanded to sixteen teams in two divisions, i.e. SWFL was now in the third and fourth tiers of the League structure.


2. Clubs 2018. (Клубы 2018)

The following teams played in SWFL in the 2017 season and the first team SWFL structure also includes a number of development or youth teams from other Premier and SWFL clubs.


3. Cup competitions. (Соревнования на Кубок)

Team SWFL to participate in the national Cup, the Scottish womens Cup, along with teams from the Prime Minister. There are also competitions of Cup of the League especially for teams at every level of SWFL, in the SWFL division 1 League and Cup 2.

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