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★ Segunda Division Pro (women)

Segunda division Pro, also called Reto Iberdrola for sponsorship reasons, is the second level of competition in the League on the Spanish womens football season 2019-20 I.

This is the female equivalent of mens Liga Segunda and is controlled by Royal Spanish football Federation.


1. History. (История)

On July 24, 2018, the Royal Spanish football Federation decided to create a new second division between Primero, with the participation of 16 teams, and division, in which was attended by 112 teams.

In his first season of League play 32 teams divided into two groups: two teams were relegated from the Primera division 2018-19 and top 30 teams from the Segunda division 2018-19.

In July 2019, the new second tier was renamed the Pro division later renamed Reto Iberdrola for sponsorship reasons. The level below which previously bore that name was returned to its former name example Nacional.


2. 2019-20 teams and locations. (2019-20 команд и локаций)

Atlantida Matama went to his place in the League. Sporting Gijon took his place as the next qualified team in their group last season.

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