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★ National Premier Leagues NSW Women’s

National Premier League NSW women, also known as the NPL NSW women, several football competitions in New South Wales, Australia. The competition is conducted by football NSW, the organizations in New South Wales. The League is a subdivision structure of the second level of the national Premier League women, which sits below the W-League.


1. History. (История)

The Board of football Victoria has completed a survey on womens football in NSW in 2013, with the aim of remain linked to the way the FFAs womens soccer. The first competition of the NPL in 2014, with New South Wales, the first in the country to introduce womens competitions under the NPL banner. Institute of football NSW was the first Champions.


2. Clubs. (Клубы)

The following 12 clubs compete in the national Premier League New South Wales women in this season 2020.

  • University Of Sydney. (Университет Сиднея)
  • Leichhardt Apia Tigers. (Леичхардт Апиа Тайгерс)
  • Northern Tigers. (Северные Тигры)
  • Institute football Victoria. (Институт футболу Виктория)
  • MacArthur Rams Women. (Макартур Рамс Женщин)
  • Manly UTD. (Мэнли Юнайтед)
  • Emerging Jets. (Возникающие Реактивные Самолеты)
  • BLACKTOWN Spartans. (Блэктаун Спартанс)
  • North West Sydney Koalas.
  • Sydney Olympic. (Сидней Олимпик)
  • City Bankstown. (Город Банкстаун)
  • Illawarra Stingrays. (Иллаварра Скать)

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