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★ 2020 ASEAN Club Championship

2021 club championship ASEAN 2020 or ACC will be the third championship club, ASEAN, international Association football competition between teams of Amateur clubs parties associated with the member associations of the Federation of football of ASEAN. This is the first ACC start since 2005.

The tournament was originally planned in 2020, but was delayed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus 2020.

Twelve clubs are represented in the respective competition. Final prize pool for the winners, will be around 500.000$.


1. Team. (Команда)

The following 12 teams from 9 organisations have confirmed their participation in the contest. Malaysian straight two spots in the group stage, but do not enter a team. Reportedly, only first and second place teams in the first level of the domestic League and the winners of the Cup has the right to enter. However, Bruneis Indera only took fourth place in 2018-19 Brunei super League, but they Bruneis representative at the AFC Cup 2020 being the only club in the League, which meets the requirements of the AFC club license. Timor-Leste is also not confirmed their participation.

Foreign players. (Иностранные игроки)

More than four foreigners allowed in the club, who follows Asian football Confederation AFC 3 to 1 Rule, three players of any nationality and the fourth coming from a member state of the AFC. Player from AFF member state will not be considered a Legionnaire.

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