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★ 2020 AFF Championship

The 2020 AFF championship will be the 13th of the AFF championship, the football championship of Nations of the branch of the football Federation of ASEAN, and 7th under the title of AFF Suzuki Cup.

The final tournament will be held on November 23 and will end on 31 December 2020. The tournament was planned in such a way as to avoid conflict of schedules with the joint Cup-world Cup 2022 2023 qualified for the Asian Cup, and some of the national teams of Southeast Asia is still expected to continue to participate.

Vietnam is the champion.


1. Format. (Формат)

The format of the championship AFF 2020 will remain the same with the format adopted in 2018. In the group stage of the relevant competition, ten teams will be played in two groups of five with each team playing home and away matches against each other.

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