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The economy is the area of production, distribution and trade, and also consumption of goods and services by different agents. To understand in the broadest sense, Economics is defined as a social domain that emphasizes the practices, discourses, and material expressions associated with the production, use and management of resources. Economic agents can be individuals, enterprises, organizations or the government. Economic transactions occur when two groups or parties agree on the cost or price of the transferred goods or services, usually expressed in a particular currency. However, cash transactions account only for a small part of the economic region. Economic activity stimulated production that uses natural resources, labor and capital. It has changed over time due to technology innovations, such as what creates intellectual property, and changes in industrial relations. In the given economy is the result of a number of processes that involves its culture, values, education, technological development, history, social organization, political structure and legal systems, as well as its geography, natural resources and ecology, as main factors. These factors give context, content, and set the conditions and parameters in which an economy functions. In other words, the economic sphere is a domain of social practices and human operations. He is not alone. In a market economy where goods and services are produced and exchanged according to demand and supply between participants economic agents by barter or a medium of exchange with a credit or debit value accepted within the network, such as a unit of currency. The command economy, when the political agents to directly control what is produced and how it is sold and distributed. The green economy is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. In the "green" economy growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution, improving the efficiency of use of energy and resources, as well as preventing the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. The gig economy is one in which short jobs are assigned or selected via online platforms. The new economy is a term referred to the entire emerging ecosystem, where were the new standards and practices introduced, usually as a result of technological innovation.

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