Топ-100 ★ Geography - Geography, Outline of geography, Adigrat Sandsto

★ Geography - Geography, Outline of geography, Adigrat Sandstone, Amba Aradam Formation, Antalo Limestone, Ashangi Basalts ..



Geography is the science devoted to the study of land, features, inhabitants and phenomena of the Earth and planets. The first person who uses the word γεωγραφία was Eratosthenes. Geography is a complex discipline that seeks understanding of the Earth and its human and natural complexities - not only objects, but also how they have changed and would come out. Geography is often defined from the point of view of two sections: socio-economic geography and physical geography. Human geography deals with the study of people and their communities, cultures, economies and interaction with the environment through study of their relationship and through space and place. Physical geography deals with the study of processes and patterns in the natural environment like the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and Geosphere. Four historical traditions in geographical research of spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena, area studies places and regions study of the human land relationship, and Earth science. Geography has been called "the world order" and "the bridge between the human and physical Sciences".


Outline of geography

Science – widely recognized category of specialized knowledge in science, and typically embodies its own terminology and nomenclature. This field usually represents one or more scientific journals that published peer-reviewed studies. There are many associated with geography journals. Social science is an academic scholarship that explores aspects of human society socio-economic geography. Academic discipline – body of knowledge given or received − a student, trainee, branch or field of knowledge or area of expertise that people have decided to specialize. Modern geography is a complex discipline that seeks to understand the earth and all its human and natural complexities − not only the objects but how they have changed and come to be. Geography has been called the world discipline. Natural Sciences academic scholarship that explores aspects of natural environment physical geography. Interdisciplinary field – a field that crosses traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines and schools, and as new needs and professions. Many of the branches of physical geography and branches of Earth science.


Adigrat Sandstone

In the adigrat Sandstone formation in Northern Ethiopia, in a wide range of reddish colour, composed of Sandstone with coarse to fine grains, and locally conglomerates, silt - and mudstones. Given the numerous lateritic palaeosols and locally fragments of fossil wood, education is interpreted as the Deposit of rivers, lacustrine-deltaic and continental environments. The upper limit of the Adigrat Sandstone the middle-late Jurassic age, whereas the lower boundary of the Triassic. There are many rock-hewn churches in the entity.


Amba Aradam Formation

The formation of AMBA United by a common door for the formation of Cretaceous sandstones in Ethiopia. It is up to 200 metres thick, for example, in the Degua Tembien district. As fossils are absent, the age of AMBA United by a common door education was interpreted depending on the age assumed corresponding sandstones elsewhere in Ethiopia: the Debre Libanos sandstones of the basin of the Blue Nile and the upper Sandstone near Harar in southeastern Ethiopia at the end of the Cretaceous age. The lithology of the reservoir AMBA United by a common door which makes it less suitable for rock-Church service-but the caves were blown up in this education to serve as the headquarters for the TPLF during the Ethiopian Civil war of the 1980-ies.


Antalo Limestone

In Antalo limestone, also known as the Antalo sequence is a geological formation in Ethiopia. This thickness between 300 and 800 meters and consists of fossilized limestones and marls, which were deposited in the reef. Marine organisms exhibit a in the age between 165 and 150 million years.


Ashangi Basalts

In the Ashangi basalts are the earliest tertiary volcanic rocks in Northern Ethiopia, so they are in the lowest position. These dark porphyritic basalts separated from the Mesozoic formations below the basal conglomerates. Basalts to spend phenocrysts, which developed before the magma reached the earths surface. These basalts are weathered, partly eroded and there are sub-horizontal stratification, especially at the bottom. This series was created during the first period of basalt volcanoes floods in Northern Ethiopia in the Oligocene.

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