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The organization or organization is an organization that includes several people, such as companies or organizations that have a specific purpose. The word is derived from the Greek word "Organon", which means tool or instrument, musical instrument, and organ.


Boundary organization

The boundaries of the organization is formal authority, jointly generated by the scientific and policy communities to coordinate different objectives and to promote consistent boundaries and mutually incomprehensible interactions. The boundaries of the organization are institutionalized for long-term relations, development of bilateral relations, development and use of management tools, and negotiations about the boundaries of the problem itself. According to Carr and Wilkinson, the boundaries of organizations are becoming more social networks and agreements between scientific and political institutions. At the international level, regional organizations, most commonly to governments in addressing environmental problems. Boundary organizations have three key characteristics. First of all, they include attracting scientists and politicians, along with professionals who coordinate them. Second, boundary organizations provide chances and occasions for the creation of boundary objects. For example, tools that can help the different parties within the boundaries of the organizations to communicate with each other. Last but not least, they are responsible for what research and policy groups can understand each other, because these two communities are very different from each other.


Organizational footprint

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